The future of healthcare in Dorset

In October 2014, the Clinical Services Review was launched to consider how health and care organisations in Dorset could work better in the face of a number of significant challenges.  Changing how care is delivered will also help meet the financial demands. Whilst funding for the NHS is increasing, it is not doing so at the same rate as the cost of providing care. This means that by 2023 there will be a funding gap of around £158m a year if we don’t take action.  Read the supplement to explain what these changes will mean for you.


Future of Health

Future of Health

Findings from a survey of stakeholders on the future of health and healthcare in England

RAND Europe has published Future of Health: findings from a survey of stakeholders on the future of health and healthcare in England.  This report presents findings from a survey to gather and synthesise stakeholder views on the future of health and healthcare in England in 20 to 30 years’ time.  The aim of the research was to generate an evidenced-based picture of the future health and healthcare needs in order to inform strategic discussions both about the future priorities of the National Institute for Health Research and the health and social care research communities more broadly.

Are you ready for STOPTOBER?


Stoptober is a 28 day long event run each October during which participants are encouraged to stop smoking. Public Health England created the annual campaign and continues to fund it.

The first Stoptober campaign launched in 2012 and was an outstanding success with the power of social media very much being involved in the popularity for the event. There has been a massive amount of buzz for the Stoptober events with celebs joining in and the nation standing together to encourage each other to quit smoking and enjoy the benefits of doing so.

Why Does it Work?

The idea behind the event is based on evidence that shows that after twenty eight days without a cigarette smokers are as much as five times more likely to give up smoking for good.

It is widely recognised that giving up tobacco smoking is an extremely difficult task for some however with the wealth of support available through the scheme itself, friends and family, the NHS and other participants, as well as resources, an app, social media channels and more it is clear to see why Stoptober is successful.


Smoking tobacco cigarettes is harmful to your health and the health around you, not to mention the environment and your bank balance. None of these are facts that are disputed however many do still find themselves smoking regardless as they haven’t been motivated enough or felt that they had the right level of will-power to quit.

Stoptober offers a wealth of support to help you achieve your goal of giving up your tobacco habit and enjoy the many health, wellbeing and financial benefits of quitting smoking.

General Practice Nurses

NHS Clinical Commissioners welcome a new action plan to support General Practice Nurses.

General Practice – Developing confidence, capability and capacity: A ten point action plan for General Practice Nursing published by NHS England today.  The action plan gives welcome recognition at the national level of the vital role that general practice nurses (GPNs) play in the effective delivery of care for patients.

NMC and CNOs launch professionalism guide

NMC and CNOs launch professionalism guide

Chief Nursing Officers (CNOs), supported by the NMC, come together to set out what professionalism means for nurses and midwives.

Launched on International Nurses Day, Enabling professionalism in nursing and midwifery practice is a guide aimed at all nurses and midwives and sets out what ‘professionalism’ can look like in everyday practice.

It demonstrates how applying the values of the Code should be at the centre of all nursing and midwifery practice. For employers, it identifies key principles which will help them to provide practice environments that support and encourage professionalism among nurses and midwives.