Medicines learning – Clinical problem solving for pharmacists


This portal for trainee/newly qualified pharmacists has been developed by the drug information team at University Hospital Southampton but with input from pharmacists across the country.  13548_lores
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BNF and BNFC Apps



From September 2013 the BNF and BNFC will be published in print annually instead of every six months. The next print copy will be available from September 2014.

NICE recommends using the digital version of the BNF  and BNFC which is available as a handy app for both Andriod and Apple platforms.


BNF for Children app

Following on from the launch of the BNF app, NICE have announced the availability of the BNF for Children (BNFC) app which is free to download for health professionals with NHS ATHENS. The app is for smartphones or tablets.

The BNFC covers neonates to adolescents and is a valuable tool for health professionals involved in prescribing and administering medication for childhood disorders.



To get the app:

  1. Register for an NHS ATHENS password if you haven’t already got one
  2. Download Android or iPhone/iPad
  3. Enter your NHS ATHENS details

If you need any further help please contact the Librarians


Smartphone application for antibiotic prescribing

A report from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society

This report describes the development and implementation in Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, one of nine showcase hospitals, and the National Centre for Infection Prevention and Management (CIPM) of a smartphone application for the trust’s antibiotic prescribing policy. The aim of the report is to help directors of infection prevention and control and other staff decide whether they should consider using smartphone technology as a cost-effective means of disseminating policy and guidelines to improve practice at the point of care.

An article about the scheme is in Nursing Standard 2012 1st Aug Vol 26(48) p18-9 (Take the right course by A. Moore) – available online via NHS ATHENS!

BNF App for your Smartphone


 The NICE BNF App is available to download for free to health and care professionals via the Apple  App   Store and Google Play Store. Users will need to enter their NHS Athens user name and   password to activate the App and download the content.    (NB you may need to access Apple App store from a home PC not work…)

It is available for Android and iPhone smartphones and will also run on IPod-touch. To download the App on Android, you will require the minimum operating system: 2.3.3 or later. To download the App on iphone, you will require the minimum operating system: iOS 4.3 or later. Further information is available on the NICE news page.

Once downloaded and activated, the App does not rely on a network connection and will provide direct offline access to the latest version of the British National Formulary. You will be able to browse and search, receive updates, and bookmark content and select your preferred reading setting.

Coming soon: An App for the British National Formulary for Children (BNFC).

Register for NHS ATHENS then get the free App to have updated drug information at your fingertips!