Do you use Google Scholar?

Google Scholar is an invaluable resource for finding articles and eBooks without having to sift through a lot of Google’s regular information suggestions.

There is actually a way to personalise Google Scholar to let you know whether NHS East Dorset Library and Knowledge Service has access to the materials you are looking for.

Read on for more details

When performing a search in Google Scholar you may notice that on the right hand side of the search results are often links such as “Royal Marsden” or “Papworth”, the following instructions will help you to change that so “NHS East Dorset Library” will appear in the results.

Step 1

Access the Google Scholar Page at: 

Step 2

Click on the “Settings button” at the top of the page

Step 3

Now select “Library Links” on the left hand side of the page

Step 4

You will see a list of libraries on this page.

Untick the selections and type “Poole Hospital” in the search box.

When that appears, tick the box and make sure you press save.

Please note that if you regularly dispose of website cookies you will have to do this process again.

Step 5

Enter your search terms.

Adjust the dates on the left side if needs be.

Any results that do display the “NHS East Dorset Library”, if you click on the hyperlink that says “NHS East Dorset Library” it will open up the result in Worldcat (our A to Z journal collection), this way you will know if you can access the article or send an article request to the library.


For those using Google Chrome, you can install a Google Scholar button  from the store (no charge), this way you can copy and paste the title of an article, press the button and it will search for other sites which may have it. A green button means it is freely accessible on the website listed.

For those using Firefox they have a similar function available here

For further assistance in the use of Google Scholar button or the Google Scholar site please contact your local libraries:


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