Students 4 Best Evidence

Students 4 Best Evidence (S4BE) is an award-winning international blogging network for students interested in evidence based healthcare and supported by the Cochrane UK. Produced by nurses, medical students, AHPs and others, S4BE pulls together useful resources on evidence based healthcare and puts them all into a single interactive space.

S4BE is described as a community for students, by students, although in reality the content would be of equal interest to anyone with a focus on using evidence in their clinical practice.

The site aims to guide you through an understanding of what is evidence-based health care, how it is practised and what resources are available to support it. Sections of the site will take you through the whole evidence based practice cycle:


Asking questions

Searching for evidence

Appraising research

Acting on evidence

Evaluating your practice


The site also has an interactive element and features blogs written by students as well as reviews of useful resources (websites, courses, databases etc). Students can also sign up to be a contributor to the site.


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