Find out more about Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs)


For a comprehensive overview of STPs take a look at the resource list prepared by Univerity Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust Library & Knowledge Services.

They have identified a range of information arranged under the following headings: Overview | Models of Care | Engagement | Preventative Health | Long-Term Conditions | STP Priority Areas

Regular Updates

Jo, Librarian based at Royal Bournemouth Hospital, prepares an update of the latest news relating to STPs and Vanguards.  If you would like to receive this, or another update, on a regular basis please get in touch by contacting .  Here is an example of the latest update prepared by Jo:

STPs and Vanguard Latest Update December 2016

Vanguard successes

Fylde Coast Health Economy vanguard (@YCOPFyldeCoast) looked outside the UK for lessons, benchmarking systems from the US and other nations that are working with very high-risk patients. The Fylde Coast team calls its model ‘extensive care’. The multidisciplinary team involved include a geriatrician extensivist (a GP who has acquired specialised skills), care co-ordinators, and outreach workers. This is a new way to think about helping high-risk patients, which is paying off in more appropriate and effective care and lower cost.

“I’m also impressed by many vanguards that are moving services from hospitals to primary care settings. For example the relocation of specialty dermatology services at Modality Birmingham and Sandwell vanguard (@Modality_MCP) – the results so far have been superb, and even more progress lies ahead”.

SCIE Post on Vanguards

Promising models of care in the transformation of care and support

We have identified a range of promising practice in relation to the five areas of transformative change.


Integrated commissioning and prevention

Lessons from Hertfordshire and Nottinghamshire vanguards.,4L6J1,IW297H,H1HEQ,1

Tony Hunter, Chief Executive, SCIE


King’s Fund

Sustainability and transformation plans in the NHS: how are they being developed in practice?

This report argues that STPs offer the best hope to improve health and care services despite having been beset by problems so far. STPs have been strongly criticised by politicians, local authority leaders and patient groups and this report reflects many of the criticisms including patchy involvement of local government, clinicians, frontline staff and patients and the lack of a governance structure or formal authority for STP leaders. Despite this, the report supports the idea behind STPs and offers suggestions to help them work better. The report is accompanied by a timeline exploring the development of STPs since December 2015.


New care models: Emerging innovations in governance and organisational form. 

The King’s Fund; 2016.
[This report looks at the different approaches being taken by MCP and PACS vanguards to contracting, governance and other organisational infrastructure. It focuses on developments at five sites: Dudley; Sandwell and West Birmingham (Modality Partnership); Salford; Northumberland; and South Somerset (Symphony Project).]
Freely available online


STPs: where are we now and what happens next?

King’s Fund Blog post


NHS Right Care

Right care scenario:  The variation between standard and optimal pathways.  Janet’s story:  frailty

NHS Right Care.  August 2016

RightCare is a proven approach that delivers better outcomes and frees up funds for further innovation. Please explore our latest Commissioning for Value publications and for more details about our programme visit



Time-limited home-care reablement services for maintaining and improving the functional independence of older adults.
Cochrane A. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2016;(10):CD010825.
[There is considerable uncertainty regarding the effects of reablement as the evidence was of very low quality according to our GRADE ratings. Therefore, the effectiveness of reablement services cannot be supported or refuted until more robust evidence becomes available. There is an urgent need for high quality trials across different health and social care systems due to the increasingly high profile of reablement services in policy and practice in several countries.]
Freely available online


British Medical Journal

 Sustainability and transformation plans: a troubled start

These plans can work despite the challenges if we make the right changes now


Local Links

Dorset STP plans


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