Spotlight on Dynamed Plus


DynaMed Plus is a resource often compared with UptoDate due to some similarities.

We discuss why DynaMed Plus is our chosen Winter Resource and what it can offer you instead of UpToDate.

DynaMed Plus is a clinical information resource “Designed to decrease time to answer.

Many staff will have used UpToDate in the past here are some differences you can expect when using DynaMed Plus:

  • DMP is updated on a daily basis.
  • Practice Changing Updates can be sent to you automatically
  • Information displayed in bullet pointed format
  • It displays references within the text, getting you the answers quicker
  • Concept based search
  • Exact match function
  • Easy access to topic sections
  • Alerts can be sent when the topic is updated
  • Links to 2,500 full-text journals
  • Mobile app support for Android and iOS devices

Other features include:

  • Drug content
  • Calculators
  • CME
  • Graphics and images
  • Overviews and recommendations
  • Speciality topics

Some helpful guides can be found below, one for a tutorial on DynaMed Plus itself and the other on the phone app available for Android and iOS.

Use your NHS OpenAthens account to login in at

For help with using DynaMed Plus/the app or to have a training session please contact the library.


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