DynaMed Plus


Key features

Here are the features which EBSCO have been commended for by a number of NHS trusts which help their clinicians with their day to day practice. If you would like a demonstration of these features, then please contact the Library at Poole or Bournemouth Hospital.

Updated Daily –New evidence is added to DynaMed Plus multiple times each day, ensuring you always have the most current information.  With DynaMed Plus, you can be assured you are receiving the most current evidence-­based information. Our editors monitor the content of medical journals on a daily basis, evaluating each article for clinical relevance and scientific validity

Dynamed Plus contains Micromedex Drug content, and can link out to BNF Drug information – Micromedex® evidence-based content is presented in concise, sourced, and referenced blocks of information to help you get answers quickly when the situation demands.  EBSCO also understands the importance of assisting NHS users and therefore a user can link out easily to BNF Drug information within Dynamed Plus.

Dynamed Plus provides UK guidelines including NICE – When you are using a point of care tool be assured that Dynamed Plus publishes and monitors the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)

Browse by Speciality – If your clinical staff members wish to look to a particular specialist/category then they can easily do so by clicking Browse by Speciality from the Dynamed Plus homepage.

Graphics and Images included – DynaMed Plus contains more than 4,700 medical graphics and images to help clinicians answer clinical questions. More than 700 come from ACP. Images are searchable as well as embedded in relevant topics. DynaMed Plus graphics and images include:

  • Tables
  • Clinical photos
  • Radiological imaging
  • Algorithms
  • Illustrations
  • Microscopic images

Overview and Recommendations section included – DynaMed Plus topics include concise summaries and detailed recommendations based on the most current evidence.  Clinicians can view the Overviews & Recommendations section of DynaMed Plus topics to get a quick summary of the topic and recommended actions based on the most current evidence. Clinicians can easily see the levels of evidence and guidelines behind each recommendation.

Create Alerts – Dynamed Plus evidence is updated on a daily basis, allow Dynamed to email you as soon as our evidence has been updated on any topic of your choosing.

Mobile app – Dynamed Plus can be used online via ATHENS/IP or intranet access, but we also provide your users with access to the Dynamed Plus mobile app at No Extra Charge.  Get answers to clinical questions everywhere you go with the DynaMed Plus mobile app. Users can access information offline, bookmark favourites, email topics, and write and save notes.

Achieve revalidation with RCGP accredited online learning modules from DynaMed Plus – Achieve the requirements for revalidation with the Royal College of General Practitioners accredited online learning modules from DynaMed Plus. DynaMed Plus online learning modules cover a broad range of primary and secondary medical specialties and meet the rigorous requirements for RCGP Accreditation.

EHR Access – DynaMed Plus is compliant with a number of EHR integration systems providing content directly from electronic medical records, giving clinicians the evidence they need at the point-of-care.  This is available to implement at no extra charge.

DynaMed Plus Log in

If you do not have an NHS OpenAthens password – NHS OpenAthens Registration


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