Spotlight on NHS OpenAthens

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This Summer the East Dorset NHS Library and Knowledge Service has picked “NHS OpenAthens” as its chosen resource!

Many of you will have heard the term “OpenAthens” used through work or study, and we will inform you how it works for users in the NHS and which resources can be accessed with an OpenAthens account.

As you may have seen from the video. OpenAthens is a powerful tool that provides access to many resources often not available to the public.

With an NHS OpenAthens account, access is instant to resources locally and nationally paid for by the NHS.

OA_icon_reversedCreating an account: 

You can select the weblink from our home page or click 

Using an NHS email and/or NHS computer will give you instant access. Accounts can be made at home but it may take several days for your registration to be approved.

OA_icon_reversedHelpful Documents:

A help page can be found here:

We’ve also attached some of our own written guides below:

Guide 1 – A4 NHS OpenAthens

Guide 1 – NHS OpenAthens


The resources that you can access with an OpenAthens account are:

  • BMJ Journals Collection
  • BNI
  • ClinicalKey
  • DynaMed Plus
  • Emerald Insight
  • MEDline
  • Nice Evidence Journals and Databases
  • NICE BNF and BNFC Mobile Applications
  • ProQuest Hospital Collection
  • PsycINFO
  • Royal Marsden Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures

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Stay tuned for our next update coming this Autumn looking at Elsevier’s Clinical Key


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