DynaMed Plus has arrived

Are you a doctor in need of quick access to evidence to help you make informed decisions?  Are you a nurse who wants to find evidence to share with a patient?  Are you a manager searching for the latest guidance on a clinical topic?  Are you a psychologist trying to access updated information on physical health conditions?

Try  DynaMed Plus  – contact library staff on 01202 442101 for username and password details for this trial version.


Quick access to synthesised evidence on thousands of clinical topics to help you make informed decisions.  Topics are updated daily as new evidence becomes available.  You can download the app to use off-line on your phone or tablet.  Objective analysis in an easily-digestible format. Great when you just want an update or quick refresher about a clinical topic with quick links to diagnosis, treatment and outcomes information with access to the latest guidance.

DynaMed Plus Highlights:

  • Evidenced based
  • Updated daily
  • Easy-to-read bulleted format
  • Links to full text
  • Alerts when topics change
  • Practice-changing updates
  • Remote access
  • Access via smartphone and tablet

 For more information or to arrange a demonstration of DynaMed Plus please contact your local library:

Royal Bournemouth – library@rbch.nhs.uk 01202 704270

Poole – library@poole.nhs.uk 01202 442101



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