The Library’s 12 Days of Christmas

In the run up to Christmas the Library is offering drop in days focusing on different services (see our Christmas list below).

Library 12 Days of Christmas

  • 1st Dec — Register for your OpenAthens password
  • 2nd Dec — Get started with ClinicalKey
  • 3rd Dec — Get started with UpToDate
  • 7th Dec — Get started with database searching (HDAS)
  • 8th Dec — Get started with the Trip Database
  • 9th Dec – Get started with KnowledgeShare (current awareness service)
  • 10th Dec — Get started with BMJ Learning
  • 11th Dec — Get started with E-Books
  • 14th Dec – Your Clinical Librarian, find out what they can do for you and your department
  • 18th Dec — Journals A-Z, how to access full text articles
  • 21st Dec — Christmas wish list, come and tell us what books and services you would like…

Just pop in when you have a minute to find out more about the topic of the day or contact staff at your library for more details.

Library, Education Centre
Royal Bournemouth Hospital
Tel: 01202 704270

Learning Resource Centre, Lloyd Adams Building
Poole Hospital
Tel: 01202 442101



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  1. Illingworth Library @Sheffield Children’s love your snowflakes! Is that a WordPress thing?

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