NHS Doctor Steals the Hearts of Many Mums

Dr Ranj Singh the presenter of CBeebies’ show ‘Get Well Soon’ has become a celebrity in the mothering world. The show is (as quoted by the Doctor himself) “a pre-school show based on children’s experiences of going to the doctor and exploring how the body works in sickness and in health. Through the eyes of five loveable puppet characters that come in to visit the doctor (that’s me!), the audience get a chance to see the medical world as a safe and stimulating environment full of music, laughter and games – not horrible symptoms or uncomfortable tests and treatments!” Since his show started however the internet world has blown up.

There are thousands of blogs and posts written by mothers (who watch the show with their children – I hope!) talking about the male doctor on TV who they have a crush on. Many find him extremely good looking; one mother even wrote on the parenting website Mumsnet “This guy is gorgeous. Lovely eyes and a great smile” and another wrote “I bet every woman walking this earth fancies him. what’s not to like?” Some mothers even admit to making their children watch the show just so they can gawk at the Doctor on screen!

However despite him being a heartthrob for the mums it turns out Dr Ranj Singh is a fully qualified NHS paediatric doctor who sub-specialises in Accident & EmergencyHe is currently working in a busy inner-London children’s A&E department. doctor Who says who says if you’re a doctor you can’t be famous?

Read here for more information about the doctor himself and why the ladies love him so much: Interview

By Georgina Edwards


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