How are you feeling today?

Cake smileysEmotional wellbeing toolkit launched by NHS Employers

Use it yourself or for your staff to look at feelings of well-being, open conversations and help gain a better understanding of your own and your staff’s mental health.

Ruth Warden, assistant director of development and employment at NHS Employers, said: “Working in the NHS often presents difficult emotive situations, which come with highs and lows as staff are constantly putting the needs of other before themselves.

“We all have emotional wellbeing just as we all have physical wellbeing and some days we will feel worse than others, either from an emotional or physical wellbeing perspective. This tool helps us to identify how we are feeling and think about the impact that might have on our ability to deliver high quality patient care. Importantly it then helps us think about what we might do to change how we’re feeling. When we are in a positive emotional state we find it easier to be energised and motivated at work and are able to adjust to and deal with setbacks or pressure. It is about having more good days than bad, but also being able to recover from the bad days when they happen.”

Find out more about the toolkit and start using it now


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