Reflective reading for revalidation

Reading research articles can be a useful way to aid reflection.

A recent article in the Nursing Times,  Collins, G et al (2015) Using reflection on reading for revalidation. Nursing Times; 111: 23/24, 14-16 describes how structured reflection on some professional reading can be an easy way to complete the non-guided CPD requirement for revalidation, showing evidence of continuing professional development through reflection on learning.

The benefits of reflection, linking reading to the NMC code and locating good sources of information are outlined.  Use of the Searching, Reviewing, Linking and Action (SRLA) reflective framework is suggested to aid purposeful reflection of what is read.

What the article doesn’t discuss is how your library service can help with this.

Via our institutional subscriptions the library makes available an array of peer-reviewed journal titles which you can access using your NHS OpenATHENS username and password.

If you want a particular article we can source it for you for free.

Librarians can also offer assistance with searching – helping you to frame your question and locate suitable research or can facilitate a journal club.

You may be interested in receiving regular updates on a subject of your choice or the current contents of your favourite journal – again the library can set these up for you.

Contact Dan, Jo or Alison to find out more about how we can help.


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