Thinking of publishing an article?

Thinking of publishing an article in a “Peer Reviewed Journal”, make sure that you check the credentials of the journal as the rise of so called “Predatory Journals” is worrying writers and the publishing community.


Matt Holland wrote in CILIP “Predatory publishers create as convincing a journal as they can on the web, stealing where possible the credibility of other journals.” Read the article in full here.

The BMJ have also raised concerns over the increase in these journals, read their recent editorial here.

Matt’s top 5 tips to protect yourself when publishing an article:

  1. Never respond to unsolicited mail. Researchers may think they are great but it is unlikely that an email that begins Dear Sir/Madam has any insights to offer.
  2. Check the people you are dealing with are the people you think they are. It only takes a minute to check the website or read the email address.
  3. Use credible Open Access publishers with a track record, or established pay for view publishers with Open Access options.
  4. Ask your Librarian to do some research on a title for you if you are unsure or if it is new.
  5. Check the advice on how to spot a predatory journal.

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