Wikipedia for some light reading

I think we all know that Wikipedia is a very frown on resource, but perhaps that’s just because we are using it in the wrong way.  It is clearly not the place to go to get evidence based medical information or mortgage advice, but it is the right place for some light reading. Check out these more amusing or just plain weird Wikipedia entries.

  1. Unusual Articles— A list of odd and weird Wikipedia articles.
  2. List of Lists of Lists— A list that consists of lists of things about lists.
  3. List of Common Misconceptions— A list of common myths and wives’ tales.
  4. Timeline of the Far Future— Find out what fate has in store for our universe.
  5. List of Unusual Deaths— A list of rare and strange deaths.
  6. List of Logical Fallacies— Know when arguments do not make any sense.
  7. 2010s— Learn about what has happened so far in this decade.
  8. Current Events— A look at the current goings-on in the world.

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