Progress and failure in medicine: Dr Atul Gawande – 2014 Reith Lectures

The 2014 BBC Reith Lectures are being delivered by Dr Atul Gawande examining the nature of progress and failure in medicine.

The first lecture Podcast image for 2014 Reith LecturesWhy do Doctors Fail? examines failure in medicine and tries to assess how much of this is due to ignorance or lack of knowledge and how much is due to ineptitude  – failure to use existing knowledge.

The Century of the System is the second lecture which focuses upon the development of systems to overcome ineptitude and how systems can be better designed.

The third lecture, The Problem of Hubris, will examine aging and death. “Gawande will argue that the reluctance of society and medical institutions to recognise the limits of what professionals can do is producing widespread suffering. But research is revealing how this can change.”

The Idea of Wellbeing is the final lecture and will argue the need for medicine to shift from a focus on health and survival to a focus on wellbeing.

Like me, you may have missed the first two broadcasts but it is possible to download the podcasts from the BBC website where you will also find transcripts and background information about each lecture and more information about Dr Atul Gawande.

If you want to read more of Dr Atul Gawande’s work we have some of his books available to borrow from the library collection.


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