Planning for the future

We have now completed a consultation draft of our Strategic Plan 2014 – 2020 and would love to know what you think.


Wordle Library service values

We have identified 9 key objectives and the plan provides detail on the context, actions, measures and financial implications for delivery.  The key objectives are:

1.Maintaining access to the knowledge base of evidence

2.Enabling effective use of the knowledge base

3.Supporting lifelong learning and wellbeing of NHS staff whatever their role

4.Delivering a cost effective service

5.Collaborating with other providers

6.Facilitating dissemination of research and innovation

7.Improving the patient experience

8.Developing  the knowledge and skills of library staff

9.Improving the user experience

Please leave a comment to tell us what you think or if you would prefer to discuss the plan then please contact Alison



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