Time for Evaluation


I thought I would share with you my slides from a brief talk I provided recently entitled Introduction to Critical Appraisal

The slides define what is meant by critical appraisal of research and demonstrate how critical appraisal forms part of the evidence based practice process.

The use of toolkits and checklists such as those available from CASP and CEBM enable a systematic approach to be taken towards critical appraisal.

When you are short of time it may be best to identify a critically appraised topic or CAT from something like Clinical Evidence or Bandolier.  Or locate a systematic review using The Cochrane Library.

I was asked if there are any effective ways of searching Google to retrieve better quality results and I will prepare a separate post on this subject in the near future but would remind all staff that they have access to peer-reviewed content via ClinicalKey and UptoDate which are more reliable sources than results from Google.  Anothoer useful database which does not require a login is TRIP – See Mary’s Blog post back in 2010 for a brief overview.

For further information about research methodology and critical appraisal search for books on www.swims.nhs.uk or take a look at our Getting started guides.

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