Festive Faux Pas

Not written your Christmas cards yet?

Let us help you avoid some festive mistakes:

Incorrect envelope flaps – Make sure your envelope flaps are triangular, rather than straight, as the former type of flap is for social correspondence, whereas straight ones are for business letters.


No names – Similarly, choosing not to address the card to the recipient and just scribbling your signature is just as bad and very impersonal.


Names – Christmas cards should always be handwritten in ink. It is customary for the husband’s name to be given before his wife’s, but this is a matter of personal choice. The wife’s forename is, however, retained. Therefore, a card should be inscribed from ‘John and Mary Smith’, rather than from ‘Mr and Mrs John Smith’.

eCards – they are not the same as a proper Christmas card.  For a start, you can’t display it around the house to make your sitting room or hallway look festive.

E Cards

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