Anatomy TV

Anatomy TV, the world’s most detailed 3D model of the Human Anatomy, now available to staff with an NHS Athens Account.

When you have selected your body region you can use the ANATOMY tool to explore the 3D anatomy using the Layer and Rotate controls at the bottom of the screen.  Add/remove layers of anatomy using the drop-down menu and the up/down arrows.  Rotate the 3D model using the left/right arrows – double arrows rotate by 9 frames in either direction; single arrows rotate by 1 frame.  Click on any structure in the image to highlight it and read related text. You can also Save or Print images and text at any time whilst logged in to Anatomy TV.

Anatomy TV

Human Anatomy Regional Series feature the following areas:
Head & Neck
Thorax & Abdomen

Anatomy TV The Foot

Anatomy TV also has a quiz section to test your knowledge on areas of the body!


Visit the website and take a look at the tour pages to learn how to get the best out of Anatomy TV.

Anatomy TV can be accessed using your Athens Password. No Athens Account, register here.


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