New national dementia training launched for healthcare staff

A new online training resource has been launched to ensure that all staff in the NHS and in social care can be dementia-aware.  The interactive e-learning resource will help to deliver the roll out of the Prime Minister’s dementia package that aims to see 100,000 nurses and health care assistants receiving dementia training by e-learning by 2015.

Dementia Banner

The e-learning sessions on dementia have been developed by e-Learning for Healthcare, part of Health Education England, the new body responsible for the education and training of health and healthcare staff.  They are free of charge to those who work within the NHS.

The sessions have been designed to familiarise health and social care staff with recognising and understanding dementia and to be able to signpost appropriate support. They are written by experts in both psychiatry and medicine for the elderly.

Staff can access three 30 minute open access sessions of learning which will support them with difficult questions such as ‘I am worried about Dad’, that could be asked of anyone in contact with patients and families on a day to day basis. They also cover the importance of public health messages and addressing social stigma as essential in making a difference in caring for people with dementia. An additional ten 30 minute sessions are available which support more advanced practice in assessing and managing dementia, whilst equipping staff with the skills to provide high quality dementia care.

And remember, the Library can always help you to obtain further resources, both books and journals. Give us a call or send us an email at any time.


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