Information Prescription Service


The Information Prescription Service (IPS) allows users, both professional and public, to create information prescriptions (IPs) for their long-term health needs.


Information prescriptions are a quick and easy way to provide information that can be trusted and relied upon about a patient’s condition, treatment options and what support is available, as well as signposts to further sources of advice.

These information prescriptions bring together a wealth of information sources from NHS Choices and numerous charity partners to find the information required. The content can include leaflets, PDF documents, video files and audio files. Prescriptions can be tailored to each patient’s individual needs, through discussions with health and social care professionals. Health professionals should register and log in when using the IPS, as this gives access to a wider range of functionality, including adding local information, that will help them in their daily clinical practice. It also allows professionals to track the information a patient has received.

The service will allow users to:

  • Select a condition;
  • Select NHS and third sector information relevant to that condition and its associated treatments;
  • Set and recall ‘favourite’ information prescriptions;
  • Add a cover note to personalise the package for a patient;
  • Print the prescription for a patient or email it to them;
  • Save a copy of the completed Information Prescription.

The value of the service is that it helps to create informed patients, who are then better placed to make decisions about their care and well-being, and manage changes in their health status. This information gives people the power and confidence to become partners in their care. Ultimately, it can help them to regain a sense of control over their lives and can reduce the fear and loneliness that the diagnosis of a life-threatening or long-term condition can bring.

The site has extensive guidance on how to use it, so why not give it a try today!



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