Science Update Blog (Cancer Research UK)

Want to keep in touch with current developments in cancer research? If so, you should take a look at the Science Update Blog (Cancer Research UK).

The Science Update Blog aims to cover the latest cancer research, including that funded by the charity. It has news digests, highlights other relevant material (e.g. policy issues, the NHS), as well as debunking myths and media scares, and providing links to other helpful resources.

They also actively encourage ‘comments’, as they want to engage in a dialogue about what research is being done.

The posts are co-written by three of Cancer Research UK’s professional science communicators, Henry Scowcroft, Kat Arney and Oliver Childs. You can receive updates by email so you need not miss a thing – look for the sign up option on the Science Update Blog.

Both, Science Update Blog and The Mental Elf (see our recent post on this here), have been shortlisted for the inaugural 2012 UK Science Blog Prize, which will be awarded today (Sunday). The full shortlist can be found on the Good Thinking website.

And remember, if you would like further information (a literature search perhaps) about the topics covered or any of the publications mentioned in these blogs, please contact us in the library – we are happy to help.


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