Whitney Lecture: Is Medicine Broken?

I recently attended the Whitney Lecture at Poole Hospital which was an interesting thought provoking address by Richard Horton, editor of the Lancet. Drawing on comments made by Ben Goldacre in his book “Bad Pharm” , Richard considered whether leadership in medicine is failing, and how medicine for the future needs to be addressed.  Using themes from the recent conference of the World Oncology Forum, the need to “rewrite the war plan” [on cancer] and focus on prevention was considered.

Richard highlighted many other points including how do we use research to accelerate care? How do we make the economic case?

Quite a few of these points do point to useful library resources! We can undertake literature searches, provide current awareness information, give guidance on undertaking critical appraisal, and support CPD with our new books on leadership… Do get in touch with the library for further information. 

Stop Press:  We now have in stock the book “Bad Pharma” at Poole Hospital library!


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