Website of the month (May) – New look for the Databases

The Databases  via NHS Evidence now have a new screen layout!

The main features of the databases are still there but will hopefully be clearer and quicker to use.

Main points to be immediately aware of:

Clipboard (where you save results) will be at the bottom of the page when viewing results of a search.

Limit options will work slightly differently and will no longer require much scrolling down to find them! The limit(s) you apply to one search then applies to all searches – do check this is what you want….!

If you swap databases you can select whether to rerun all the search or parts of the search from a previous database. Make sure you “untick”  the database you have already searched!

Within the databases if you see the ? it indicates there is help available.

You can stop a search if you realise it was a mistake or is taking too long!

Thesaurus searching – screens will look different as the hierachy is set out more clearly.

When saving/printing/emailing results the search history is automatically included, and short results give you brief details, medium results offer citation and abstract.

We will be updating our guides to reflect these changes but in the meantime if you want any help please contact us!


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