International Clinical Trials Day

International Clinical Trials Day is celebrated around the world on or near the 20th of May in order to celebrate the day that James Lind started his famous trial to find a cure for scurvy on the 20th of May 1747.   Since then clinical trials have become essential in developing better treatments and improving healthcare around the world.

If you feel inspired to become involved, the Comprehensive Clinical Research Network  (CCRN) (part of the National Institute for Health Research)  provides support for health professionals, researchers and the life sciences industry as well as advice to patients about participating in trials. Western Comprehensive Local Research Network (Western CLRN) is one of 25 CLRNs which form part of the CCRN. This network covers 29 NHS organisations and 6 Higher Education Institutions.

UKCTG UK Clinical Trials Gateway offers details on  trials currently running in the UK . The default search assumes you are a member of the public so use the “change view” facility to look at health professional information.  The site allows you to search by subject area.

NHS Evidence can also be searched to locate a list of clincial trials.

And don’t forget… your local NHS library can help you get started on research – we can assist with literature searches  on specific topics so why not book a time to explore the literature? There are also a range of books available on different levels and aspects of research –  check the book catalogue.


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  1. Thank you for this post – I like the links to the various networks and the mention of the library

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