Wish you were here…

Keep up-to-date with all the latest news and debate happening live in Harrogate at the RCN Congress 2012 by linking through to the live Webcast.

The Congress, which will run until Thursday, is the major meeting of the Royal College of Nursing and items on the agenda to be debated are:

1. Corridor Wards

2. Paying for donations

3. Jam, Jerusalem, or jobs in the NHS?

4. Cashing in on good health

5. What place for private companies?

6. Video games

7. Transformation or not?

8. Shift impacts

9. TUC – to affiliate or not?

10. Too much at risk?

11. Media – friend or foe?

12. Flu jabs for all?

13. Retirement age – an issue for the future?

14. General hospitals – what next?

15. Not in your own time

16. Trade union erosion?

17. Techno care

18. Opportunities outside the NHS

19. Cuts, or cuts to care?

20. Rhetoric or reality?

21. Nurse education – is it fit for purpose?

22. Universal screening

23. Preceptorship – in the community?

24. Putting money where it’s needed

25. Nursing the next generation


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