A Fond Farewell

Well, as I prepare to exchange the library for the beach hut at the end of the week, what do I think?  I’ve been providing people with information for most of my working life; my love affair with the business started when I was a trainee librarian at Luton Central Reference Library and has never waned.  I’ve worked in many different sectors and rarely been bored – how can you be when every day is different and there is so much information to seek?  It never runs out or finishes.

One of the biggest changes I’ve seen is the development of the internet, and curiously how its use sometimes causes sacrifice of quality for that which is easily found.  The greatest buzz I get is helping people find reliable information upon which to base their answers, and one of the greatest frustrations is the under-use of the quality resources now available through the Library and NHS Athens. (Do book a training session – Librarians love to share!).

My biggest bugbear is probably noise in the Library – it may be unfashionable, but most people really do seem to appreciate a quiet place to work.

 All in all then I’ve loved it – but sorry, really must tiptoe off with my bucket and spade now!


2 Responses

  1. A real professional the NHS library world will miss! Sorry I missed your leaving do, Maureen.
    My very best wishes for your retirement.

  2. Dear Maureen

    You will be greatly missed. Thank you for your enthusiasm and dedication and may the warm weather grace your beach hut this summer.

    All the best


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