Where do I find books on…………?

No prizes for guessing where you might hear this, although not as common as you might think these days, particularly if you have a Library with effective signposting or a smallish book stock, which people often like to browse.  (Between all the East Dorset Libraries we have around 15,000 books, in case you were wondering).

Anyway, if you wanted to know where on the shelves you would find books on a particular subject, one way is to use the Book Subject Index .  If you use the A-Z index to find the topic in which you are interested, you can then find out where on the shelves it will be, according to our alpha-numeric classification system.  So, for example, if you looked up ‘Clinical Governance’ , you can see you might find books on that subject at WX175-176; WA131; or possibly WX155.  If the subject you have tried doesn’t have an entry, you will need to think of synonyms.

Of course, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be books on the shelves at that location – to check that you could use the online  SWIMS Library Catalogue (and our ‘Getting Started Guide’ no. 8  explains how to use it if you would like some help).

Alternatively, ask a Librarian……..


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