Lancet online

As part of the drive to provide open access to high quality evidence, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has signed a 3 year agreement to provide staff with access to The Lancet via NHS Evidence ( This means if you have an NHS ATHENS account you can access the latest printed issues online.  The library will also benefit as NICE are funding a print copy for the next 3 years so this saves us some money!!

To access the journal use My Journals and login with NHS ATHENS. (If you do not have NHS ATHENS please register at  Search for the Lancet and select the Elsevier link.  You will also see this option if searching Medline or Embase.

When you reach the ScienceDirect site you need to enter you NHS ATHENS details on your first visit (when you use the site after this you simply click login): Login – ATHENS login – enter your details.

Once you have registered your NHS ATHENS details with ScienceDirect the SciVerse link on the Lancet Home page can also be used. Access includes audio as well. 

If it all sounds too complicated please contact us – we are happy to provide the articles you require!


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