New Year – New Skill

Resolutions cartoonThe new year is traditionally a good time for setting new goals so why not consider finding out more about how to find good quality information to support your professional development and practice. 

Perhaps start by registering for an NHS ATHENS password which will provide access to a wide-range of useful information resources.

The qualified library staff offer individual and group sessions about finding and appraising information. 

We can tailor sessions to suit individual needs covering such topics as:

  • overview of resources available via the SWICE  gateway
  • advanced search options and limits on databases such as Medline, Embase, Psycinfo, British Nursing Index and CINAHL;
  • setting up regular information alerts
  • understanding more about the Cochrane Library
  • making the most of NHS Evidence
  • locating NICE guidelines
  • identifying other useful resources such as the TRIP database, Google Scholar
  • finding and using electronic books and journals
  • understanding evidence based health care methodology
  • tools to assist with critical appraisal.

It is often assumed that all the information we will ever need is available at our fingertips using tools such as Google and that no particular skill is needed to find the answer to a question.  Whilst internet search engines such as Google do provide easy access to specific information they are not always the best tool to use to complete a comprehensive search of published literature.

You may wish to consider adding developing information skills to your Personal Development Plan. 

If you would like to find out more please contact us.


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