Poole Hospital Library – proposed move

Discussions are under way about moving the library at Poole Hospital across the courtyard to the Lloyd Adams Centre! This does give scope to consider ways we could enhance our service so we welcome your comments, ideas, views. Perhaps you love the self issue systems at public libraries? Maybe you would like us to have a techno booth? Let us know what you like/dislike. If you were asked to choose the 3 key things for the library what would they be? If you would like to take part in a focus group meeting to discuss ideas and plans further please let us know and we will contact you.
We will be outside the dining room (Poole Hospital) 19th and 22nd September so come and have a chat and see the plans so far.
(We will be using money achieved by selling a database we have produced for the past 20 years.)


13 Responses

  1. I welcome the move to a ground floor facility; the existing site has always been challenging for anyone with restricted mobility. However, I share Sarah’s concern re available space, as LASDC is a very small facility, and am worried that space constraints may lead to an over-dependence on electronically-accessed resources with concomitant reduction in hard-copy books and journals, which would discourage casual reading and browsing.

    • Hi Helen

      Despite the upsurge of interest in electronic books and journals we still believe that there is a need for printed materials and it is not our intention to replace the print collections. We are however reviewing our print holdings in order to update material and crate a more dynamic collection. Do you have any suggestions for areas that require improvement?

  2. it would be very handy to be able to issue books and do photocopying of journals/printing computer articles when the library is not open, some staff only get the oportunity to search journals ect at weekends/evenings – hopefully CCTV would be able to ensure proper use and safety out of hours

  3. I am sorry, that I could not meet you outside the restaurant this week. Thank you for starting this discussion.

    First, I would like to know why the move should be of any benefit to us users. What are we gaining from it?

    I am worried that there might be less room that would be insufficient to provide enough places with PC access and for learning/reading. I would like to have more access to e-books and online access to journals especially in paediatrics.

    • Hi Max

      Thank you for your contribution. I think the main benefit to you as a user of our service is that the library will become much more accessible, visible and fit for purpose. We are hoping that careful planning will enable us to create zoned areas for group and quiet study, improved shelving for printed materials and better conditions in which to use electronic resources. Just starting the debate has raised some interesting viewpoints and enabled us to start reviewing our stock of printed materials. Of course we will continue to offer literature searching, current awareness, document supply and training for NHS staff to support patient care and lifelong learning.

  4. Hi,
    I’ve never found libraries particularly appealing work environments.. Far too sterile and uncomfortable. My preferred place is a coffee shop but I think I may be in a minority on this one! But I do think a more comfortable area for reading and browsing would be better than the school like tables.
    Also, I have found the books available are generally outdated or not the currently recommended texts for my specialty (Anaesthetics). So much is now available digitally and I personally would like to see more investment in this. I have my own laptop like many others and open WiFi would certainly make the hospital library a more appealing work environment for me (sorry for my ignorance if you already have this).
    So my 3 requests would be
    – comfy chairs and softer lighting
    – digital texts and free wifi
    – a coffee machine!

    • Hi Duncan

      Thank you for your suggestions. Interestingly we have had a mixture of responses thus far about the general ambience of the library – some supporting your suggestion for a more informal atmosphere and others requesting that a quiet space be maintained. We are currently reviewing stock to try and remove outdated texts prior to the move. The aim is to create a more appealing collection of up-to-date printed materials to supplement the variety of journals and books available electronically.

    • WiFi would be fab!

      • Hi Max
        Thank you for your comment. WiFi is proving a popular choice so we will certainly highlight this interest with IT as they are keen to support us in our move.
        Best wishes

  5. I don’t have strong views as to which part of the PGH site you move to, but please can you ensure sufficient secure cycle parking nearby?

    • Thank you for your comment Lindley. The proposal is to move the library to the Lloyd Adams Building and cycle storage is available nearby. We will incorporate your suggestion into our discussions about the new space and will endeavor to include more cycle storage should planning allow.

  6. We too are concerned about the amount of space but welcome the opportunity to move to a ground floor location.

    With careful planning we intend to create a comfortable and useful space for NHS staff and students to use for research, private study and learning. We are already reviewing all of our printed books and journals and updating the collection, taking advantage of any electronic media where we can.

    We welcome further suggestions for the kind of library that would appeal to you and you are welcome to feedback at our sessions in the dining room and library at Poole Hospital next week or online via comments or email on this blog.

  7. I think the move to the lloyd adams centre will make the library “seem” more accessible but I do wonder if there is enough room to house the existing library?

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