Website of the Month: My Journals

Accessing e-journals is one of the most popular topics we get enquiries about so we felt a focus on the subject might be useful!

The My Journals option is available at SWICE or via NHS Evidence and requires NHS ATHENS. It allows you to see what has been purchased by the NHS, and what is held in print in your local NHS library. This is particularly useful if you are reading a good article and are looking at the bibliography of articles they have used. In some cases publishers place restrictions on access (sometimes called embargoes) which could mean the last few months/year are not available.

Search the site by journal title – you can search for a word to appear anywhere in the journal name eg if you search “intensive care” using words anywhere in title you will see 8 titles listed. You can ask for the word to appear at the start of the title (try Lancet if you want to see what results appear). If you find you are getting no results from those examples please check you are logged in with NHS ATHENS!!! Further advice and screen shots are available via My Journals help page

There are different providers (or “platforms”) where journals are provided which is why you may get several options for the same journal. British Journal of Sports Medicine is a good example.

We do appreciate not all the journals you would like to access are here but please do not purchase articles online unless you absolutely have to – we can usually arrange to obtain them for you at no cost…

Want to learn more about this resource? Please get in touch with your NHS hospital library! Also have a look at: No 5 Getting started with E-journals


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