NHS Evidence – new look

Just when you thought you understood the layout of www.library.nhs.uk
the opening pages for the site have altered! The site now takes you to
NHS Evidence.
The access to Databases, E-Books and Journals are basically unchanged but Cochrane and a few other resources have disappeard from view so read on for a few tips:

A-Z Topics
A list of topics which you can browse – a search option is also available. Browse by medical condition eg Asthma or by medicine.

NHS Evidence Content sources list
This lists organisations and resources eg BNF, Cochrane, Map of Medicine, NICE, Patient UK, SIGN.

Health News stories
News stories are provided by NHS Choices so to browse recent stories use their website. Results featuring news stories will also appear if you search or browse the A-Z topics on NHS Evidence.

Results from Bandolier will feature within topics but their website can be accessed independently.

If all this sounds complicated try SWICE which is unchanged and clearly indicates Cochrane, Map of Medicine, Book catalogue, all the Databases etc. Also, you are welcome to contact us – we are more than happy to assist with navigating around the new site and can discuss with you the resources which would be most relevent to your work.


One Response

  1. Following a recent tour of NHS Evidence provided by the Education Manager Anne Weist the following should be taken into consideration:
    1. Content from the old National Library for Health website has now merged into the NHS Evidence site http://www.evidence.nhs.uk
    2. Medicines information on NHS Evidence has greatly improved
    3. The search box offers suggestions for keyword searching and you should use the filters or tabbed flagged areas to narrow your search results

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