Website of the Month : Twitter Search

You may not be able to fully tweet from your NHS desktop computer but you can still keep up with discussions by connecting to Twitter Search.

It is possible to search for a subject, organisation, individual or use a twitter hash-tag to follow conversations about a particular event.

It is a great way to keep up with breaking news, get a feel of public opinion or keep track of discussions at professional conferences around the world.

The advanced search option allows you to combine terms, search for posts to or from an individual, search by language, place and interstingly search by attitude – great to get a feel for whether your organisation is being discussed in a positive or negative light.

I have used Twitter Search recently to discover the release of a new publication by the Royal College of Nursing, discover mention of a distinctive car number plate spotted at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, and reveal a document dicsussing the role NHS libraries may have in delivering information to the public.

Once you have found a relevant tweet click on View Tweet or Show Conversation to view more information.  Many tweets contain links to full text documents or blog posts -follow any links within the tweet.

Nothing relevant to work on Twitter? – A question often asked but that can be refuted if you search rather than browse.  Please let us know if you find Twitter a useful aid to keeping up-to-date with professional issues.

A popular hash-tag for today is of course #royalwedding!


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