Reflections from personal experience (book display)

Poole Hospital library recently had a book display on “other peoples’ lives”. The books were on a range of personal insights exploring depression, disability, spinal cord injury, autism and cancer. This may also be considered as a display of books you did not know we had! The display is now over but even if you missed it here is a list of the books:

Titles on display include:
About face by Jonathan Cole
All about us by Brian Rix
Before I say goodbye by Ruth Picardi

C: Because cowards get cancer too by John Diamond

Dibs – in search of self by Virginia Axline

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by J D Bauby

Families and how to survive them by Robyn Skynner
A grief observed by C. S. Lewis
Living with mental illness by L Kuipers
Malignant sadness by Lewis Wolpert.
A step further by Joni Eareckson
Still Lives by Jonathan Cole
Trust me I’m a junior doctor by Max Pemberton
Turning the Blues around by Irene Burnett-Thomas

Further details of availability can be found on the Book Catalogue


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