Q & A about borrowing books and journals

Here are the answers to a few common questions about borrowing books and journals. If the answer you are looking for is not here then please contact us for more information.

1. How many books can I borrow? 8 at any one time

2. How long can I keep the books? Most can be borrowed for 3 weeks but some more popular titles are for 2 weeks.

3. Can I renew books? Yes, if the item hasn’t been reserved by someone else. You can renew by phone, e-mail, in person or via the catalogue.

4. Can I borrow journals? Yes. Back issues of journals can be borrowed for 2 weeks.

5. How do I know what books are in the Library? We have a range of books to support clinical practice and titles about non-clinical areas such as leadership, management and research skills. For a comprehensive list please search the SWIMS Library Catalogue.  For tips on using the catalogue  please refer to guide No 8 Getting started with SWIMS

6. What if the book I want isn’t in the Library at Bournemouth or Poole? If you are a member of staff we can try to obtain a copy from another library.  Please use the Book Request Form.  If you are a student or the book is for a course we would expect you to try to obtain the book from your college or univerity.

7. If the book I want is on loan do I just have to wait for it to be returned?  You can reserve copies of books that are on loan by completeing and returning this Book Request Form .  We will then inform you when the book is available.

8. How can I return a book when I am on nights? There are book return boxes outside each of the libraries for secure return of books when library staff are not here.

9. If I am late returning an item how much will it cost me?  We would ask that you return or renew items by the due date.  We ask for donations to charity to cover the inconvenience of dealing with overdue items.

10. I notice you have some new books – can I recommend a title?  We are very happy to receive suggestions for books to purchase.  Please make your recommendations using the Book Purchase Suggestion Form.

11. When will the Library start offering e-books?  We already have a selection of over 400 e-books available and new titles are being added all the time.  We are not yet in a position where the e-book will replace our traditional printed titles but would be interested to hear your views about a future with e-books rather than traditional print.  For more information about e-books see guide No 7. Getting started with electronic books or arrange a session with a Librarian to review e-books.


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