Website of the Month

Last week I attended a training session for health librarians about the wealth of web 2.0 resources that have, and continue, to change the way the internet operates and presents information.  Delivered by a very enthusiastic and self-styled librarian internet guru geek  Phil Bradley (yes, his idea of relaxation is to pull out a laptop!) I discovered a huge amount of new information tools that once mastered can make our information seeking and sharing more efficient.  

As an initial start I thought I would share with you Wordle TM

This clever tool allows you to create “word clouds” from any text that you provide.   You can print or save the results of your word cloud and alter the distribution of words and change the appearance of the text. 

This is great for creating interesting posters and for checking the emphasis of certain documents as greater prominence is given to words that appear more frequently in the text .  For example if you run a portion of text from David Cameron’s speech after becoming Prime Minister the emphasis is on the words “difficult” and “decisions”!

Here is the East Dorset NHS Library Service Mission statement presented as a word cloud – more interesting than just plain text  I hope you agree:

Wordle: Mission Statement East Dorset NHS Library Service


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