#Diabetes Week. Get informed.

Diabetes affects more people in the U.K. than any other serious health condition. There are 4.6 million Type 1 sufferers and an estimated 12.3 million people who are potential type 2 diabetics.  Diabetes Week is organised by Diabetes U.K, who have a long history of campaigning. They were founded in 1934 by the writers H.G.Wells and Dr. R.D. Lawrence, who were themselves diabetics. The week is all about creating awareness of the condition and encouraging people to share their experiences of living with diabetes.

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Scleroderma Awareness Month

Scleroderma is a rare, chronic disease of the immune system, blood vessels and connective tissue. 2.5 million people worldwide have scleroderma, and in the UK there are 12,000 people diagnosed.

It is an autoimmune condition, meaning the immune system becomes overactive and attacks healthy tissue in the body.The name of the condition comes from the Greek, ‘sclero’ for hard, and ‘derma’ for skin. This hardening of the skin can be one of the first noticeable symptoms of the condition, as the body produces too much collagen.This excess of collagen can affect the skin, joints, tendons and internal organs. It causes scarring and stops the affected parts of the body from functioning normally.

The symptoms of scleroderma vary for each person, and the severity depends greatly on which parts of the body are affected. Usual symptoms include hardening of the skin, swelling of the hands and feet, joint pain and stiffness and blood vessel damage leading to a physical over-reaction to cold or stress, called Raynauds’ Syndrome.

This June is Scleroderma Awareness Month to find out more visit Scleroderma and Raynauds UK 


New ClinicalKey eBooks May 2018

New eBooks added to ClinicalKey.

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NHS East Dorset Library Service Survey

If you are working within the NHS in East Dorset then why not complete our survey for 2018, telling us what you think of your NHS library service.


NHS East Dorset Library Service Survey

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