Stoptober 2017


More than 1 million people have used Stoptober to help quit smoking for good. If you stop smoking for 28 days you are 5 times more likely to stop for good. Click on the link below to find support and guidance on how to stop smoking and for more information about Stoptober:

NHS Stoptober


Tell us your story… 9th – 14th October 2017

During libraries week 9th – 14th October, we are giving users of NHS East Dorset libraries the chance to share with us your library story.

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Sustainability and transformation plans and partnerships

The House of Commons Library has produced a briefing on NHS sustainability and transformation partnerships and plans.

This House of Commons Library briefing covers the context in which STPs have been developed, their funding and accountability arrangements as well as their progress so far. A key role of these partnerships was the creation of local blueprints for delivering the 5YFV, known as sustainability and transformation plans (STPs). This briefing therefore explores how these plans were developed, as well as research and debate surrounding the content and implementation of these plans.

The future of healthcare in Dorset

In October 2014, the Clinical Services Review was launched to consider how health and care organisations in Dorset could work better in the face of a number of significant challenges.  Changing how care is delivered will also help meet the financial demands. Whilst funding for the NHS is increasing, it is not doing so at the same rate as the cost of providing care. This means that by 2023 there will be a funding gap of around £158m a year if we don’t take action.  Read the supplement to explain what these changes will mean for you.

Future of Health

Future of Health

Findings from a survey of stakeholders on the future of health and healthcare in England

RAND Europe has published Future of Health: findings from a survey of stakeholders on the future of health and healthcare in England.  This report presents findings from a survey to gather and synthesise stakeholder views on the future of health and healthcare in England in 20 to 30 years’ time.  The aim of the research was to generate an evidenced-based picture of the future health and healthcare needs in order to inform strategic discussions both about the future priorities of the National Institute for Health Research and the health and social care research communities more broadly.